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Steyr Tractor Trucks

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Steyr Tractor Trucks

Steyr Series Tractor Truck Brief Introduction
(Steyr Tractor Trucks)

Steyr series model was developed by the parent company-CNHTC based on the STEYR truck technology introduced from Austria. Steyr has become the synonyms in Chinese for domestic heavy duty truck in the past twenty years.  There are three sub-series now under Steyr brand with the market development:  Steyr, Steyr King Gold Prince
- Product range: Semi-trailer towing vehicle, goods vehicle, tipper, concrete mixing carrier and other special truck refitted on its chassis.
- Driving type: 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 etc..
- Power range: 266PS - 375PS.

Models and specifications:

ModelVehicle TypeDriving TypeEngineP(kW)Wheel Base(mm)GVW
ZZ4182M3510FSemi-trailer towing vehicle4×2WD615.62
ZZ4182M3510VSemi-trailer towing vehicleS92Euro2 
ZZ4182M3510WSemi-trailer towing vehicleS36Euro2 
ZZ4182N3511FSemi-trailer towing vehicle4×2WD615.69247350018000S72Euro2 
ZZ4182N3511VSemi-trailer towing vehicleS92Euro2 
ZZ4182N3511WSemi-trailer towing vehicleS36Euro2 
ZZ4182S3511FSemi-trailer towing vehicle4×2WD615.47273350018000S72Euro2 
ZZ4182S3511VSemi-trailer towing vehicleS92Euro2 
ZZ4182S3511WSemi-trailer towing vehicleS36Euro2 
ZZ4182V3511FSemi-trailer towing vehicle4×2WD615.57302350018000S72Euro2 
ZZ4182V3511VSemi-trailer towing vehicleS92Euro2 
ZZ4252M2940FSemi-trailer towing vehicle6×4WD615.62
ZZ4252M2940VSemi-trailer towing vehicleS92Euro2 
ZZ4252M2940WSemi-trailer towing vehicleS36Euro2 
ZZ4252N2941FSemi-trailer towing vehicle6×4WD615.692472925+135025000S72Euro2 
ZZ4252N2941VSemi-trailer towing vehicleS92Euro2 
ZZ4252N2941WSemi-trailer towing vehicleS36Euro2 
ZZ4252S2941FSemi-trailer towing vehicle6×4WD615.472732925+135025000S72Euro2 
ZZ4252S2941VSemi-trailer towing vehicleS92Euro2 
ZZ4252S2941WSemi-trailer towing vehicleS36Euro2 
ZZ4252V2941FSemi-trailer towing vehicle6×4WD615.573022925+135025000S72Euro2 
ZZ4252V2941VSemi-trailer towing vehicleS92Euro2


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